Thursday, November 18, 2010


Have you ever wondered how fashion icons create their empire? How the most basic casual wear can be so popular that they become a staple in peoples wardrobe ? James Perse is an example of this kind of designer, and his story shows how a basic idea can lead to a fashion empire.

Growing up in Los Angeles, James Perse was exposed to the best of two worlds, the beach and sports, as well as LA fashion. His father, Tommy Perse, was the owner of a high fashion store, Maxfield, where he spent a lot of his time when he wasn't outdoors.

Being extremely interested in sports, James first designed what he believed was flawed, the baseball cap. After perfecting his baseball cap with immaculate style, fit and colors, in 1991 he put them in his fathers store and instantly attracted clients.

He soon after began making women's t-shirts, tapping into what he believed to be a dry market. In 1996 James founded his first line of women's' knits, which soon progressed into two casual collections; Standard James Perse and James Perse Los Angeles ready-to wear- items. By 1998, his brand expanded into a men's collection and later into children's wear.

In 2003 James Perse opened the first retail store, exhuming the culture and upbringing of James himself. In 2007 they launched the online shopping site, opening the brand to a wider spectrum of people.

James Perse has grown into a world wide brand, known and loved for its simplicity and comfort. As said on the James Perse website, "His passion for minimalist architecture, influenced by warm west coast indoor outdoor living, and the casual clothing that's inspired by it, ultimately resulted in James personal design philosophy and aesthetic- low maintenance high fashion- emphasizing elegance and comfort..."

James Perse built himself into a fashion icon with a background of the beach, and the knowledge of high fashion. His basic idea of perfecting the ball cap transformed into the need for cozy casual knits. His understanding of classic comfort has taken over the market and created a nearly untouchable empire.

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