Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sprung on Spring

Although it doesn't seem to feel like it outside, spring is just around the corner. March 21st brings fashion a refreshing new look. Easy, breezy and beautiful. This upcoming season is sure to bring you all the floral, lace, bohemian, casually stylish clothes you can handle. Check out some of the new looks that are pouring into Fine N Funky.  
Textile Elizabeth and James Odette Top and Iggy Jean  
Nightcap Linen Flare Pant, Nightcap tank, and Nightcap Olive Cardi
As Is Fringe Gande Tunic 
Joie Irresistible Top and Marylyn Hudson Pant

Winter Kate Health Long Skirt 
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Relaunch of Tuff Scent!

Tuff Scent: Scent Infused Nail Polish 
Tuff Scent Mineral Collection
Back by popular demand, our favorite beauty line Tuff Scent! The new, innovative nail polish line features the most flirtatious, fun, and classy colors and smells sure to keep your hands and toes up to par with the latest trends. Inspired by the beauty of the earth, each color has its own individual quote on the back, as well as an unique smell when it dries!
Tuff Scent Garden Collection

Tuff Scent Fire Collection

Tuff Scent Sunrise Collection
Relaunch of ‘Tuff Scent’ Scented Nail Polish
Reno, Nevada (November 29th, 2010) – Lisa Arnbrister and 18 year old daughter, Sylvana Barbash, have relaunched ‘Tuff Scent’ scented nail polish and this time they’ve added a charitable edge. The brand which has been previously carried by reputable stores such as Sephora, Nordstrom’s, Saks fifth Avenue, Fred Segal, Planet Blue and so on, will now donate $1.00 of every bottle sold to breast cancer awareness in a commemorative effort to support the cure. “Scented nail polish has a fun twist, you can apply it, smell it and it brings a smile to your face,” says Barbash, whom originally gave her mother the idea while coloring her finger nails with scented markers as a young child. The mother daughter duo have not only set their brand apart by giving each polish an original scent but they have also given the new line affirmative names such as “Faith”, “Hope”, “Believe” and “Dream”. 20 new colors/scents, which retail for $18.00, are available now at the company website www.shopfinenfunky.com.
‘Tuff Scent’ was originally founded in 1996 by Lisa Arnbrister. The scented polish became an overnight global sensation retailing at 2,000 stores worldwide. The line quickly developed an “A List” celebrity following and has been featured on everything from Oprah, Good Morning America and Fox News to In Style, Vogue, W, and Cosmopolitan just to name a few.
Tuff Scent Water Collection
With the relaunch of this line, its hard to refocus on the up and coming fashion week. At least we know our nails will look (and smell) as good as our style. These nail polishes are too good to pass on, check them out on the Tuff Scent website tuffscent.com, or buy them from shopfinenfunky.com

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rebel Yell

Channel the 70's and 80's in Rebel Yell 

The Ciao Boyfriend Cut-off Top

Vintage in theory, but modern and playful, Rebel Yell's collection keeps you cool, sexy, and edgy.  Rebel Yell designer and owner Andi Ballard created her clothing line off of childhood memories in the late 70's early 80's, with the vision of folk-rock music and a favorite old wooden roller coaster; The Rebel Yell. With that in mind, she created a comfortable, cute, all american brand.  

With increasing popularity (including celebrities such as Audrina Partridge, Lindsey Lohan, and Ashley Tisdale)  Rebel Yell is quickly creating must have casual wear for anyones closet. 

The Je T'aime V Tee 

The Core Fold Over Legging 

Audrina Partridge in Ciao Boyfriend Cut-off Top

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Monday, December 20, 2010


Alice and Olivia's Dress Collection has hit the spot for Holiday Fashion. Their dresses are a perfect way to make an impression at any holiday party, or to bring in the New Year. With their unique cuts and intricate details, Alice and Olivia has gone above and beyond this Holiday season. Come in the store or shop at shopfinenfunky.com to find the perfect dress for you this season!Ashlee Simpson in Alice and Olivia
Fergie in Alice and Olivia jacket

Odette Yestman in Alice and Olivia dress

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As a kid and a teenager I remember my mom filling my stocking with pajamas (that was always a given), socks, soaps, little trinkets, and ..... candy. Well, it seemed great at the time, but as I was cleaning my room when I moved out I found two stockings under my bed, still full of broken trinkets, spoiled soaps, and stiff candy. My point here is, that even though those things are great in moderation, most of them end up becoming unused and a waste of money. This idea lead me to think of some great stocking stuffers that wont go to waste and aren't too expensive.


As I walked around Fine N Funky, I looked for things that I may need, or that would be of good use to me in some way. The first stocking stuffer I found was good ol' Hanky Panky underwear. No women should go without a pair of these in their lifetime. The different fits and various styles are sure to appeal to any women, and are cheap enough to buy multiple pairs. Although this particular brand is exclusive to women, use this idea to go out and buy your son or hubby some nice boxers.


The second stocking stuffer I came up with was TOMS shoes. Not only are these shoes stylish, comfortable, and affordable, they also go to a good cause. For every shoe sold, TOMS donates a shoe to a child in need. Feel good knowing that by putting these shoes in your stockings you are also putting them into the hands of children who need them. TOMS are made for both women and men in numerous styles and colors (including great styles for the holidays). Check some of them out on our website, shopfinenfunky.com, or call our store for more information.


The third stocking stuffer that I chose was KAI and Kiehl's products. KAI offers perfumes, oils, lotions, and candles in the scent of Gardenia, a light, fresh smell that everyone seems to love. My pick is the KAI candle, the scent of the candle fills the whole house leaving me with thoughts of hawaii.
Kiehl's offers anything and everything you need for your skin. From mens shaving cream to mascara, there is sure to be a product that will suit your need. My favorite is the Creme de Corps body lotion. So good and creamy I could eat the stuff.


Lastly I picked something slightly more expensive, but oh so good. UGG accessories. We all know what UGG specializes in, comfort and warmth, and their accessories don't miss that mark by any means. Their gloves, hats, slippers, and ear muffs all have the shearling inside them, the ultimate material to keep you warm and comfy.

So there you have it, four examples of stocking stuffers that won't go to waste, and won't burn a hole in your pocket. Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A boot that lasts forever, Frye Company prides itself on the best of leather work and quality. Created in 1863 by John A. Frye, the company is Americas oldest continuously operating shoe company. Their inspiration and influence originated from the Civil War, as the boots that Union and Confederate Soldiers wore in battle. Frye's heritage in American cavalry is still alive today in the Company, the Classic Harness Boot is the direct decedent from their original design and style. Rugged, tough, and durable, Frye boots can take on the worst of the elements

Although the traditional Harness Boot is still a top seller all over the world, Frye Company has expanded into high fashion and feminine styles. With amazing craftsmen work, and top of the line leathers, Frye has become a favorite among stylish men and women, and celebrities alike. Their styles have been featured in magazines and on runways as their Company holds a strong impression on American Style. With expectation that their boots will last a long time, Frye makes their styles timeless and lasting.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Have you ever wondered how fashion icons create their empire? How the most basic casual wear can be so popular that they become a staple in peoples wardrobe ? James Perse is an example of this kind of designer, and his story shows how a basic idea can lead to a fashion empire.

Growing up in Los Angeles, James Perse was exposed to the best of two worlds, the beach and sports, as well as LA fashion. His father, Tommy Perse, was the owner of a high fashion store, Maxfield, where he spent a lot of his time when he wasn't outdoors.

Being extremely interested in sports, James first designed what he believed was flawed, the baseball cap. After perfecting his baseball cap with immaculate style, fit and colors, in 1991 he put them in his fathers store and instantly attracted clients.

He soon after began making women's t-shirts, tapping into what he believed to be a dry market. In 1996 James founded his first line of women's' knits, which soon progressed into two casual collections; Standard James Perse and James Perse Los Angeles ready-to wear- items. By 1998, his brand expanded into a men's collection and later into children's wear.

In 2003 James Perse opened the first retail store, exhuming the culture and upbringing of James himself. In 2007 they launched the online shopping site, opening the brand to a wider spectrum of people.

James Perse has grown into a world wide brand, known and loved for its simplicity and comfort. As said on the James Perse website, "His passion for minimalist architecture, influenced by warm west coast indoor outdoor living, and the casual clothing that's inspired by it, ultimately resulted in James personal design philosophy and aesthetic- low maintenance high fashion- emphasizing elegance and comfort..."

James Perse built himself into a fashion icon with a background of the beach, and the knowledge of high fashion. His basic idea of perfecting the ball cap transformed into the need for cozy casual knits. His understanding of classic comfort has taken over the market and created a nearly untouchable empire.

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