Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As a kid and a teenager I remember my mom filling my stocking with pajamas (that was always a given), socks, soaps, little trinkets, and ..... candy. Well, it seemed great at the time, but as I was cleaning my room when I moved out I found two stockings under my bed, still full of broken trinkets, spoiled soaps, and stiff candy. My point here is, that even though those things are great in moderation, most of them end up becoming unused and a waste of money. This idea lead me to think of some great stocking stuffers that wont go to waste and aren't too expensive.


As I walked around Fine N Funky, I looked for things that I may need, or that would be of good use to me in some way. The first stocking stuffer I found was good ol' Hanky Panky underwear. No women should go without a pair of these in their lifetime. The different fits and various styles are sure to appeal to any women, and are cheap enough to buy multiple pairs. Although this particular brand is exclusive to women, use this idea to go out and buy your son or hubby some nice boxers.


The second stocking stuffer I came up with was TOMS shoes. Not only are these shoes stylish, comfortable, and affordable, they also go to a good cause. For every shoe sold, TOMS donates a shoe to a child in need. Feel good knowing that by putting these shoes in your stockings you are also putting them into the hands of children who need them. TOMS are made for both women and men in numerous styles and colors (including great styles for the holidays). Check some of them out on our website, shopfinenfunky.com, or call our store for more information.


The third stocking stuffer that I chose was KAI and Kiehl's products. KAI offers perfumes, oils, lotions, and candles in the scent of Gardenia, a light, fresh smell that everyone seems to love. My pick is the KAI candle, the scent of the candle fills the whole house leaving me with thoughts of hawaii.
Kiehl's offers anything and everything you need for your skin. From mens shaving cream to mascara, there is sure to be a product that will suit your need. My favorite is the Creme de Corps body lotion. So good and creamy I could eat the stuff.


Lastly I picked something slightly more expensive, but oh so good. UGG accessories. We all know what UGG specializes in, comfort and warmth, and their accessories don't miss that mark by any means. Their gloves, hats, slippers, and ear muffs all have the shearling inside them, the ultimate material to keep you warm and comfy.

So there you have it, four examples of stocking stuffers that won't go to waste, and won't burn a hole in your pocket. Happy Holidays!

Find any of these products in our store, or online at shopfinenfunky.com

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