Friday, October 29, 2010

"breathe in the beauty of kai, and experience the light and soothing scent of today's most sought-after fragrance."

"Beauty lies in the simplest and purest of things." Kai Fragrance Line brings this idea to life by using exotic fragrance and natural essences in a light and intoxicating way. From perfume oil to room & linen spray Kai has it all. This perfume has a very unique smell, its like a mix of a fresh floral, a light musk and a tropical scent. Its difficult to describe the scent exactly... you HAVE to smell it for yourself, once you do you're sure to become a fan too! Even though Kai is a light scent it lingers all day, the bottle of roll on perfume oil is small enough to fit in your purse just in case you need a fresh burst of Kai scent while on the go!

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